ULTIMATE Herbert Tracker 2011

Hello penguins,

Last month, Slidoo and Josh29 teamed up to track Rockhopper and both of us were more successful than ever! With people calling us "#1", and "the best tracker I've ever used", we just HAD to do it again - this time for a new mascot, Herbert P Bear!

Yup, that's right, Herbert!  Many rumours have been going around about Herbert coming to the island this month, including the proof that I posted a few weeks ago that NEW mascots including Herbert were coming to Club Penguin.  So, these clues only lead us to the conclusion that Herbert WILL be coming to the island!  Use our 100% accurate tracker to help search for him, you're guaranteed to find him!
*Note - the tracker chat will be posted if/when Herbert arrives*
Status: Offline
Server: Tracking
Room: Tracking
Last time Josh29 and I teamed up, several penguins asked if they could add our tracker to their blogs!  So, I have created a way for you to add our Herbert tracker to your blog.  However, since our tracker IS our chat, and the locations get posted at the bottom of the chat (they also get posted above, sometimes), you need to add the chat to your blog in order to add our tracker! Click here to add our tracker to your blog.


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