Club Penguin Times Issue #291

June17 here! Yesterday, the Club Penguin Times has released their 291 issue. The two topics for this weeks paper is about the Preparations for the upcoming Medieval Party and the new Medieval igloos and items.

Yesterday, the construction for the Medieval Party had started and construction workers are asking for help. Jesters are writing and telling jokes at the Beach, while the knights and princesses are preparing the decorations. A few penguins are tasting the hot sauce in the Underground Pool. Remember the party starts on May 20. :D
The brand new Medieval Castle Igloos and the new furniture had appeared at this month's Better Igloos and Igloo Upgrades catalog. One knight said that the "Dragons Lair" provides max security for his treasures. Make sure to check out these awesome igloos and furniture right now!Here are the upcoming events:

May 20: Medieval Party, Underwater Adventure at the Stage, New Penguin Mail and Medieval Catalog

-June17, Club Penguin Agents Author

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