Club Penguin Times Issue #292

June17 here! The 292 issue of the Club Penguin Times is here along with the Medieval Party. On this week's issue, the topics are on the new Knight's Quest and the Medieval Party Highlights.

Three adventurous quest waits upon members in the Underground Pool. Gary said only the bravest of the brave can make it through each quest. On the note that Gary left us said that this is very dangerous. Knights and Princess will face puzzles, challenges and three times the fire power. Head over to the Underground to begin your quest.....if you dare! Here are the highlights of the Medieval Party: Knight's Quest, Knight's Quest 2, Knight's Quest 3, Tree Forts and Princess's Lodge Castle.
Now finally, here are the upcoming events:

May 27: Medieval Catalog Update

May 31: New Snow and Sports Catalog

June 1: Pay Day

June 3: New Penguin Style
That's it!

~June17, Club Penguin Agents Author

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