Club Penguin Times Issue #290

June17 here! The new Club Penguin Times has arrived today with their 290th issue! The topics for this weeks paper is on the upcoming Medieval Party and the new Medieval themed Penguin Style.

The Medieval Party is on its way and construction will begin on May 13. One party planner said their working on quests, puzzles and some scaly surprises. Party planners are calling on every knight and princess on the island because of the success from last year Medieval Party. Construction will begin on May 13 and the party will start on May 15! :D
The new medieval themed fashion is revealed at the Gift Shop! The new Penguin Style includes new Princess hats, golden chains, royal robes and many more. Costume Designers teamed up with Gary the Gadget Guy to prepare these new clothing. Gary said that not all the armor is flame resistant, which is bad for knights fighting the dragon :P Make sure to check out the new clothing in the Gift Shop. Here are the upcoming events:

Out Now: Medieval Penguin Style

May 13: New Better Igloos and New Music

May 20: Underwater Adventure at the Stage
-June17, Club Penguin Agents Author

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