Herbert Attacks Club Penguin! (Field-Ops)

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WOW! Agents - you're needed IMMEDIATELY! Herbert has JUST attacked Club Penguin, and we need to play the NEW MINI GAME to stop him! The game is located in the Everyday Phoning Facility.
Now, at the beginning of the game, you'll get to talk to Herbert, face to face! He'll tell you about what he's been working on and how he developed such powerful dragons! Many penguins are having technical glitches and aren't able to talk to Herbert - Hopefully everyone will be able to speak to him face to face, very soon!
..Now, the game will begin! You need to defeat Herbert and the Hyrda Dragons!
You need to use your snowballs to hit the dragons and the target on the floating fire pot to have the dragons defeated, just like in the third Medieval Quest! But watch out - If you get hit by the dragons too many times, you'll have to restart! The easiest way to defeat these robot monsters is to team up with other penguins around you, and together you should be hitting the floating target when it's above a dragon's head - this causes the dragons to lose power! It is very hard... But it feels awesome when you finally defeat Herbert's plan!
The dragons blow up! It seems amazing, but suddenly, prizes start raining out of the sky, and you receive THREE EPF MEDALS! You can also get 2 prizes:
ONE of these prizes is a FREE Yellow Hydra Head IGLOO item, and you can get AS MANY of these as you want... Update: Sometimes you can get BLUE or RED hydra heads INSTEAD of yellow! If you want them all, I guess you'll have to defeat him 3 times!
...And the other is a FREE EPF Badge pin!
These are AWESOME prizes and I'm so glad that us penguins worked together to foil Herbert's NEW plan! It's back to the drawing board for Herbert! ;-]

What was your favourite part of this crazy plan of Herbert's?



Mr. Addictive said...

What?! that hasnt happened for me yet and im on the same server as u. btw this is manlycop.

Anonymous said...

I have a strange feeling that Herbert has another plan...

Anonymous said...

I love the part when he was in all hydras. when the hydra was defeated, he turned black... lol! and of course, when he was defeated, i was happy! now that "naughty" herbert will never disturb epf and cp! :D

Anonymous said...

Yo everyone. Alfred9806 is here. Hey please note this EPF Agents! Herbert and Klutzy escaped after the three Hydras exploded! Okay, how to see Herbert and Klutzy escape: If you defeat the three Hydras, then an explosion. After the explosion, look at the sky quickly, beside the HYDRA HIT POINTS scoreboard. There, you will see Herbert and Klutzy flew away in the Hydra.