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Hey Penguins!

Last week, Club Penguin asked what your favourite part of the Medieval Party was. Lotzki1 said -

This is the BEST party of the year! I looove the quests and I like how they are really challenging! The defeating the Hydra quest is an awesome idea because you work together with other penguins to defeat the monster. I also love the decorations! Keep up the awesome work, Club Penguin Team!

This week, Club Penguin want to hear from Secret Agents. If you are not an agent yet, you may not want to read the next part because it contains some classified information.

This week Club Penguin want to hear from you about a certain polar bear that has been threatening the EPF for some time. The Club Penguin Team want to know What's been about your favorite moment with Herbert P. Bear, Esquire so far?

- Dj Wazzer, Club Penguin Agents author

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