Warning: This post contains potential spoilers. DO NOT read this post unless you are an EPF Agent and are prepared for a sneak peek.

Agents - I apologize for the late post.  Anyways, you all need to be READY... Herbert is planning an attack on the island, sometime this month. Check your calenders, agents, May ends in 2 and a half days.  He's going to attack soon and we NEED to be prepared!  Take a look...
At first, I thought that Herbert and Klutzy were driving robots of some sort, or even vehicles... But then, Mimo777 pointed out that they look like they are CONTROLLING the dragons in Medieval Quest #3! What are your theories?

Club Penguin HERBERT Tracker 2011 with Slidoo and Josh29 WILL be reposted if Herbert makes an appearance to the island!



Red aju said...

You forgot to say that Herbert and Klutzy look like they're on the Hydra heads!

Anonymous said...

Yo this is Alfred9806. Once again, Herbert and Klutzy strikes CP. But all of the EPF Agents will laugh at the face of danger! Anyways, rock on Club Penguin Agents!