EXCLUSIVE: Club Penguin Beta Team Login!

Hello penguins,

Today, I was checking the What's New blog, and found a Reviewed By You that I had not seen before. I looked into it and found out that it's not new... But, something strange was in the post!  There was a small somewhat hidden link to the exclusive - Club Penguin Beta Team ?? login!  Just simply type in http://authorized.clubpenguin.com  to login at the Beta Team Club Penguin page!
Now, just log into your Club Penguin account and you'll begin!  You'll need to type in a command at the top, and what you asked will come up.
If you need help with the commands, type "help" in the command space and a list of commands will come up. There's one game called "RollerScape" - It looks like a new game coming to Club Penguin soon!  What do you think of this crazy, awesome page?  I'd like to thank my buddy, Happyblue128, for showing me this!


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