Message From Herbert

Hey Penguins!

Today, Agents have recieved another new message. This is the second message of the day and the message is from Herbert - 

The message says - "Mwa ha ha! All too easy! Now that Proto-bumbler is out of the way, I can begin my NEW plan. Prepare "ye fools", for I "cometh" soon."

I knew Herbert would have another plan! It sounds like Herbert will be making a 'special' visit to the island soon. Lets hope Agents will be able to stop Herbert's plans....

- Dj Wazzer, Club Penguin Agents author


Anonymous said...

This is me, Alfred9806. And I see, Herbert is up to some USELESS PLANS again! What is he up to now? Maybe sending in bugs to the System Defender game thing again? Or what? Okay, that is all for now. Until then, Rock On everyone! Club Penguin Agents website rocks!

Anonymous said...

Hi there this Alfred9806. He is making a new plan?! What is he up to this time? I hope he does not make that popcorn gadget thingy to pop our EPF Comand Room... EPF is gonna stop Herbert and Slidoo's website is now tracking him!