Medieval Party 2011 Cheats - Part 4 Quest #3 Cheats

Penguins!  Club Penguin's Medieval Quest #3, the NEW quest, is finally working!  To begin this adventurous new quest, go into the Underground Pool and you'll see three gates. Walk through this one...
Now, once you've walked through that spooky gate, you'll be challenged with your first task.  In this event, you must watch closely as the giant cups spin around, and then you must click on the cup which holds the gem you must find!
You must do it 3 times, correctly, and then the gate to the right will open up and you can walk through!  In this next room, you'll be able to pick up a free item - and you'll also be faced with another task.  In this task, you must somehow press some buttons in order to open up the pathway.  Here's an image showing which directions you must go in, and every time you reach a spot, you must click the button there or it will not work.
Now, you'll be able to go through the next gate!
Hmm... It says that the next challenge is to defeat the dragons! The pictures that light up look like they are giving us some hints!  Before you go in and face your last challenge, MAKE SURE you pick up the golden shield - It looks like it will help a lot!
In this final challenge, you and your fellow penguin friends must work together to defeat the mighty dragons.  You need to throw snowballs at them, when their mouthes are open, and make sure you're holding your golden shield!  When the pot of fire is above a dragon's head, throw snowballs at it and it will tip right onto the dragon!  Once the dragon loses health, they will start to repair themselves.  You must work together to have all 3 dragons defeated at ONE time - And then the bridge will form and you'll be able to complete quest #3!
You'll now be at the end of the quest... And you'll be able to pick up the final piece of golden armor!  Congratulations!


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