New Elite Gear: Stealth Class

June17 here! Three days ago, a new class was introduced to the EPF. This new class is the Stealth Class which I think is the best class for me :P. In the Stealth Class, we have the Dark Vision Goggles, Blue Power Cell, Canister Camouflage and Sneak-ers. The action for the Stealth clothing is when your uniform is transformed into a recycle bin without anyone seeing your penguin.Also, for some of the people who have been playing CP for years(like me xD)you may recognize that the Dark Vision Goggles were the old Night Vision Goggles that the PSA had back then.

In my opinion, this is my most favorite class ever. Tell us what you think of the new Stealth Class by leaving us a comment!

-June17, Club Penguin Agents Author

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