Club Penguin Multiplying Puffle Glitch

Hello penguins!

Yesterday I went to check on my puffles in my igloo, and noticed that my white puffle needed some attention.  I fed it, bathed it, and then finally, told it to go to sleep!  When the puffle playercard closed, I saw my white puffle walk up to a puffle house, where they sleep - as he was going in, ANOTHER white puffle appeared and went into a different house!  Take a look at what I mean:
As soon as they were done sleeping, they both came out of their houses and disappeared into one puffle again.  This was very strange, because I only have adopted one white puffle and I don't know why I suddenly had two!  Has this glitch ever happened to you?



Anonymous said...

that looks so efficient its like 2 for the price of 1
number pengu cpa mod

Anonymous said...

I agree, Number Pengu. Number Pengu is right: 2 for the price of 1!
Alfred9806 here, the CPA Moderator.