Slidoo's Birthday Bash and Giveaway! NEW DATE DUE TO SCHOOL!

Ok.  I'm posting this even though the party is not for ALMOST TWO MONTHS.  I'm doing it now cause this'll give people a LONG time to know about the party so we can get LOTS of peoples to come!  My birthday is on September 15, and I decided I will have a party called my Birthday Bash!  It's on my birthday, and I really hope you can come!  The party details MIGHT change closer to the party date, but probably not.  Here are the details:

Date: Saturday, September 18!
Time: Unknown right now
Server: Northern Lights
Room: Ski Lodge Attic
Why: Slidoo's birthday!

I really hope you can come!  Last time in mine and Bobhead202's party, we filled a room!  Now my site is even MORE POPULAR so we should have even MORE people at the party, right?  I'm hoping we'll fill a room pretty easily and also get other peoples outside waiting to get in! =D

After the party I am having a big giveaway!  I will give out a Card-Jitsu code, a Gold Card-Jitsu Code, and a Herbert's Revenge code!  If the room is full BEFORE the party, I will give out ANOTHER normal Card-Jitsu code! 

Now the question is - will YOU be there?  This is gonna be A LOT of fun, and you don't wanna miss it!

I will be adding until I am COMPLETELY FULL!  Just SEND A BUDDY REQUEST to me as soon as you see me, but be VERY fast!

Also, sometimes I like to just randomly LEAVE and go to another room to let other penguins get in!  Follow me on TWITTER (@Slidoo) for room updates and updates on when the codes will be posted! 

Get there EARLY!

You never know, but the room might get full before the party.  You'll wanna be in there!  So, I suggest showing up to the party EARLY!  If the attic is full, wait in the normal Ski Lodge! 

Become a VIP to the party!

You can become a VIP to my party!  In order to become a VIP you must have Twitter.  Then just follow these steps:

1. Follow Slidoo on Twitter
2. Click HERE to tweet saying you're a VIP!

Why be a VIP?  You should become a VIP because I will follow 15 random VIPs on Twitter and 2 random VIPs will get added by me after the party!  (I will direct message you a time and place on Twitter!) 

Please come if you can!  Make sure to tell your friends about my party!

-Slidoo, Club Penguin Cheat World Owner Please comment! I love comments!REMEMBER: Do NOT steal ANY of the screenshots, pictures, text, etc. in ANY of my posts! This is ILLEGAL and you WILL be caught! You will sometimes get a warning, sometimes you won't! If you steal anything, your site will likely be suspended or removed.


Dingeljoe said...

I can probably come!


thanks for making me fan of the month! You rock! :D

Geng20, Joestin904, and Snugle Love said...

I'll try to make it!

Oopsyocto155 said...

Slidoo just hope since that is your birthday we aren't doing PRESENTS at the exact time!!

Micro3812 said...

arg! Another party?!

Anonymous said...

I dont think thats fair because I bet a lot of the people who want to be VIPs, but aren't allowed to have twitters. I can't have a twitter until I'm 14. Right now I'm 9. I'd have to wait 5 YEARS.

☺§lídôô☻ said...

Micro, the party isn't for almost 2 months.

кяιѕтєи said...

Slidoo for some weird reason I was banned from the chat. (I think it was a glitch because no one banned me) I ask police to un ban me because of the glitch. In response he kicked me for being rude and mean. Then he un banned me so I could tell him why i was banned but i wasn't there at that time. So he made me a guest then banned me for 6 hours. I don't get it!

кяιѕтєи said...

Someone made it a members only chat too!

Pirate Yarr1 said...

Oh sorry Slidoo I have to go to school first. :( I normaly go home at 4:00 hope I'll go home early.

кяιѕтєи said...

Weird.... my birthday is really close to yours!

Anonymous said...

Is it this year tooo because if it is I will beagle to make it