The moment we've all been waiting for is HERE!  The Mountain Expedition has ARRIVED!  Members, go to the Ski Village to begin!

Now walk through that gate thing and BEGIN!  First walk up to the gear booth and buy some gear!

Wow!  Some COOL and NEW stuff there!

There is ALSO a FREE item!  It is RIGHT beside the supplies booth, walk up to it to pick it up!
NOW, go up the path!

Now, click the icsicles to make them all go away!  This is HARD and might take a while!

Now, walk through the path! 

Oh no!  There's a tree in the way!  To fix this, click the little tree branch that I'm standing beside:

Now, it'll float up to that ax.  Keep clicking on it to brush off the snow!  Now, click the ax once all the snow is off it.

Now, keep clicking it until it cuts the log!  Now throw a snowball at the icesicles and it'll fall, making a bridge!  Walk accross it and YOU'RE DONE!  Now click on the camera to get a background!

And now, walk up to the red flag to pick it up for FREE!

Go BACK to the room where you just were and click the big ice block:

Now walk through!  Woah, LOOK at this AWESOME ROOM!

There you go!  I LOVE this, don't you?  This is SUCH a cool idea, but what is in the sky??  I don't see anything suspicious besides a big mountain!

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redflipper30 said...

This is soooooooo cool!

Csquadqb17 CLICK ME! said...

I think the mountain expidition is the worst club penguin party ever.I'm not sayng that it isn't fun but it only had two chalenges! TWO!

Anonymous said...

thnx for the cheats i didnt c the secret room

true waddler

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