New Mountain Expedition Startup Screen!

Club Penguin has released a NEW startup screen for the Mountain Expedition!

Wow!  It looks SO COOL!  Sadly, the mountain thing starts just 1 day BEFORE I leave for my vacation and I cannot renew my membership until I am back which means I won't get to participate :(  I know because it says "Climb and face danger and a mystery..." but ONLY for members!  Come on Club Penguin, at least give non members SOME fun!

Also, have you seen that Club Penguin is preparing for the Mountain Expedition already?  They have set up some cool stuff at the ski village that you should go check out!

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Policeman655 said...

Slidoo, I would like to say that I am quitting cp and blogging... I will probably not come on in the future and Might even quit forever. I have had a great time with you and blogging. I might be able to have a goodbye party and give 1 lucky person my penguin to keep.

Could you please tell everyone.


Shawn Lily said...

SLIDOO! I made you some fan art......

Hope ya like it,
Shawn Lily