Field-Ops #9 CHEATS!

Club Penguin has just released the NEW field-ops!  To begin, go to the HQ and go to the FIELD-OPS screen.

Now, accept your mission.

Now go to the Soccer Pitch!

Walk up to the cash register there, and your spy phone will start to ring.  Answer it and start the puzzle!

UGH ANOTHER REPEAT!  Come on Club Penguin THINK OF SOMETHING NEW!  To play this puzzle, use your arrow keys to move your block. You must move the block under the one matching it above. Then wait until they hit eachother. Keep doing this a few times and you will beat it!

Once you do this, you've won!  Congratulations!  You get one medal for the Elite Gear! 

What do you think of this Field-Op?  Do you like it?  Love it?  Hate it?  Do you want some chocolate covered shoes?

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Csquadqb17 CLICK ME! said...

chocolate covered shoes would be very nice yes, yes they would *scratches chin oh yes and slidoo i want to know a price for my ad to be on cp smash buddies please get back to me at

slippeestars said...

slidoo can you change the side link?ive been waiting over a month