Better Igloo and Igloo Upgrades Cheats!

Hello Penguins! This is Birdy!

Today, CP released the Better Igloo and Igloo Upgrades! Here are the cheats!

First, here is how you customize your furniture!

1. Pick Your Item

2. Pick Your Color
3. Choose Your Design
4. Buy Your Furniture Item!

Anyway, here are the cheats.

1. Click on the Top Piece of Modern Art for the Climbing Wall!

Wait... Thats it?! Only 1 Cheat?? That stinks. Here is a picture of me in my Igloo with my customized furniture! :D

Those are my favorite 2 pieces! Lets move on to the Igloo Upgrades :)

Here is a sweet new Igloo! :)

A Cozy Cottage! How cool! The Gym Igloo is back! It brings back memories! xD Here are the cheats.

1. Click on the crowbar for the Secret Stone Igloo.

2. Click on 1 of the 2 Gym Lights for the Pumpkin!

3. Click on 'Fish' in the word 'Fish Bowl' for the Bamboo Hut!

4. Click on the doors to the Blue Ice Palace for the PINK Ice Palace!

5. Click on the Door to the Deluxe Snow Igloo for the Secret Deluxe Stone Igloo!

That is all the cheats! What do you think?

-Birdy, Club Penguin Cheat World Helper
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Birdy u missed a lot of cheats in the better igloos catalog

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hey birdy u have incomplete cheats