Field Ops Mission #11!

Hello Penguins! This is Birdy!
NOTE: Credit to my brother, Seekieboy for the pics!

Field Ops Mission #11 is out! Here are the cheats.
1. Go to the Ski Village.
2. Go into the Everyday Phoning Facility.
3. Take the test if you have not done so already.
4. Take the elevator down to the EPF Command Room.
5. Click on the big sign that says 'Field Ops.'

6. Click 'Accept Field Op.'
7. Waddle to the Lighthouse.
8. Go to the Speaker near your EPF Spy Phone in the bottom left corner.

9. Click 'Engage.'

10. Complete the Mini Game and earn your prize.
Guess what? There are new items! Take a look:

Its called 'Tactical.' Cool, right? Pink is for Girls, Blue is for boys. BTW, I think there will be more!

What do you think of the new Field Op?
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