Newspaper Issue #253!

Hello Penguins! This is Birdy!
The new newspaper, Issue #253 is out! Here is the cover: (Sorry, I can't do it how Slidoo lets you veiw it, IDK how to do that!)

Wow! You can design your furniture in the Next Better Igloos! :D Is it true? ...

Yeah! Cool!!! I can't wait for this!
Also, I can see that the Everyday Phoning Facility is getting pretty popular! Read the article on page A4!

Here are the upcoming events:

Can't read it? Don't worry!
August 27: Squidzod VS. Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal at the stage!
August 27: New Pin!
September 3: Fall Fair!
September 3: Penguin Style!
Cool, right?

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