August 2010 Clothing Catalogue CHEATS!

The new clothing catalogue is OUT!  Here is the cover:

Here are the hidden item cheats:

Click the mountain top for the Green Hiking Boots!

Click the green penguin's foot for the Lasso!

Click the treetop for the Blue Duck!

Click the brown penguin's eye for the Mountain Climbing Gear!
Click the top of the tree for the 3D Glasses!

Click the lime green penguin's foot for the Acoustic Sunburst Guitar!

Click the nob on the top of the guitar amp for The Rocker hair!

Click the OTHER nob for the Supernova Suit!

Click the weird thing that I'm not sure what it is on the speaker for the Blue Sunglesses!

Click on the speaker for the Purple Electric Bass!

Click the grand piano for the Red Sunglasses! (Thanks for reminding me of this cheat Cuddles382!)
Click that weird tiki mask thingy for the Trombone!

Click the Penguin At Work's beak for a lot of stuff! :D

Click the bubble for the Viking Helmet!  Open and close it a few times for the super rare BLUE viking helmet!

1. Click the grapes on the table!
2. Click the table leg right under the grapes!
3. On the page with the girl in the purple dress, click the bottom of the curtain!
4. On the page with the knight, click the second stone in the wall!

That's a pretty cool catalogue and we can get pretty cool items, don't you think?

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Cheda1234 said...

Nice!Did you know the T-shirts are updaed?There are some new designs!

slippeestars said...

slidoo theres another on page 2 on the penguin on the rights eye

Slidoo said...

Yes I saw that Slippeestars, but you saw the post when it wasn't finished YET! Good eye though ;-)


Cuddles382 said...

You missed the red glasses. They're on the piano. Can I get credit for noticing?


Swimpeng2007 said...

Nice!Did you know the T-shirts are updaed?There are some new designs!
_____________________________________Awesome!!! This is awesome!!!

-Swimpeng2007(cpcw mod)