Mountain Expedition Reviewed By You!

Last week Club Penguin asked us what challenges we thought we'd face in the Mountain Expedition, and Dry Ice 124 said...

I always love new things on Club Penguin. I also love exploring new things. I'm going to love the mountain exploration. I wish there would be challenges to face and solve for the event. Maybe like saving or helping other penguins on the mountain or exploring new parts and places of the mountain like a cave or a tunnel! There's going to be a lot of exploration and adventure! I'm so excited!!

WOW great review!  Now Club Penguin wants to know what your FAVOURITE kind of igloo to decorate is!  Just head over to the Community What's New blog to tell them!

In other news, I might be buying another domain for this site!  If I do, it'll be, and you'll be able to access this site from,, AND!

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policeman said...

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