Field Ops Mission #10 Cheats!

Hello Penguins! This is Birdy!

Well, Slidoo said he would be on Vacation, so he asked me and Bobhead202 to post for him! :) But, since he didn't post the Mission cheats, I'm thinking he's on vacation, so lets get to the cheats!

Step 1: Click on your Spy Phone.
Step 2: Go to the EPF Command Room.
Step 3: Click on the big sign that says 'Field Ops.'

Step 4: Click 'Accept Field Op.'
Step 5: Go to the Coffee Shop.

Step 6: Go where the black circle is.
Step 7: Click on your Spy Phone
Step 8: Click 'Engage.'
Step 9: Complete the Mini Game and earn your prize. This game is where you bring the battery charger into the big battery.

Congratulations, you have completed Mission #10 of the Field Ops!
-Birdy, Club Penguin Cheat World Helper

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Lopakoy said...

So that's why. Oopsy must have gone too ya? They both havn't been posting for a long time..

Anonymous said...

wheres slidoo we all want him back

Nitro 321

Qwerty13199 said...

no offense to people to disagree, but i prefer the old psa to the new epf. the epf is pretty cool though. just my opinion. Waddle on cp and slidoo!