Slidoo Resigns as Club Penguin Agents Owner

Hello penguins,

As school gets harder, and I get older, I no longer have the time to manage and post on Club Penguin Agents. Plus, blogging has been boring me lately and I see no point in continuing something that just takes up my time if I don't really enjoy it!

However, my favourite part about blogging always has been managing Club Penguin Agents. I really do enjoy setting up themes, holding contests, and anything along those lines.

I am officially resigning as Club Penguin Agents' owner, and welcoming a new "co-owner" you may call it, a loyal and fantastic Club Penguin Agents author for several months, DJ Wazzer!

DJ Wazzer will now be in charge of the posting. I will no longer be posting often so he will be managing who posts what, and will basically be a co-owner of Club Penguin Agents! :D

I'll be posting every 2 weeks, posting a review of major updates that recently came out! I will also post all Club Penguin party guides.

I'm not "quitting" as some may call it. Just resigning as Club Penguin Agents' full-time owner! Club Penguin Agents will be better than ever with the new co-owner and some new authors! WOOT!

In other news: the Halloween theme will be taken down because when I looked at it's coding, I noticed that my blog was about to explode because it was coded so poorly. I'm working on putting the finishing touches on a brand new, much better theme, thanks to some help from my buddy A11766!

I hope you're okay with the changes - I know I have made the right decision for all of my blog's readers, and myself, which is what's important. Please respect these decisions and welcome Dj Wazzer as the co-owner!



Poonchee said...

Congrats Dj Wazzer! And I respect your choice Slidoo :D

Blue Jeans said...

You only used 9 periods. Still better than when I remember. You used !'s and never used a . Anyway it was a fun time. I remember when we first met. xD Few years ago. I came to your chat and begged for owner. Then I was banned for like 72 hours at a time. -.- Never did learn my lesson. Anyway it really has been a blast. At least you aren't quitting fully.

See you around,

Anonymous said...

LOL I remember that. (noticed how I used a period there? I'm getting better! Oops, there it goes, an exclamation mark again.)

WillowHazel60 said...

Awh... Your posts were meh favs:) I'll mark my calender for every time you post!

See ya soon,


99claudio99 said...

This is a sad day.

Anonymous said...

Slidoo said....
When you started brackets you used a lower case n when it should be N because before you started the brackets you added a full stop

CPA defender number pengu

I shall admire your choice and i find it a celver one as we cant always stay with cp.