Halloween 2011: Ghost Hunt

Yippee! Club Penguin has realized that after several years of the same old scavenger hunt idea, it's time for a change. Introducing the all new Candy Ghost Hunt!

Trust me, this is one of the best parts of the Halloween Party. You'll want to complete this! To start, click on the book icon.
Your first hint is as follows.
Search near sand and surf.
Hmm... Leads us to only one place: The Cove!
 Click on the pile of slime and candy and the first friendly monster will appear!

One ghost has been caught, but we'll need to do better than that! The next clue reads:
Head to a spooky house.
A spooky house... Must be the Haunted House room! To get to the Haunted House, take the path at the Forest.
 Outside of the house, you'll see a pile of slime and candy. Click on it for the second ghost!

Two down, six to go! Here is your next clue:
Make your way to a wooden shack.
 Obviously this next hint is telling us to go over to the Mine Shack!
Right under the Community Tree, you'll see the third pile which means the third ghost!

The next clue is;
Find a popular spot for tour guides.
Hmm... This one's a bit tougher than the past 3. Maybe the Ski Village?
 There's the fourth ghost! We're half way done now, here's your next hint:
Seek out a snowy slope.
Probably the Ski Hill!
 The fifth monster has been found! Your sixth clue reads:
Wander into the woods.
I'm assuming that the sixth ghost can be found at the Forest!
 We're almost done! Only two more ghosts to go, and then we'll get to see what our prize is!
The next clue says:
Look toward a tower of light.
The Lighthouse or Beach, for sure! Let's go check...
 The seventh ghost can be found at the Beach! Now let's take a look at your last clue:
Be on the lookout for a boat.
The eighth and final ghost can be located at the Dock!
 All eight ghosts found... That means we'll get a prize! After clicking on the final ghost, click on "Claim Prize"...
...And the prize IS... a background?
To be totally honest, I was expecting something more than a background. Oh well! It sure was fun completing the all new scavenger hunt. Tell ME, which do you prefer: The old Candy Hunt, or the Ghost Hunt?


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