Club Penguin Membership Page November 2011

Hello Penguins!
November is around the corner, and that means new items, new party, better igloos, and a lot more updates are coming soon! Today I saw that Club Penguin has updated there membership page to what's coming up this November  Also, we just have a little information about December...

  • Enter the mysterious Ninja Headquarters. Earn your reward. 
  • Discover the ancient dragon at the Stage. 
  • Uncover your inner sushi master with this month’s Penguins at Work.
  •  Coming in December: Coins For Change donation stations for your igloo!
I think this month is going to b epic! I can't wait for the penguin style catalog, because we might be able to sever Sushi! I wonder when the next party is coming? Will there be a snow party? Let me know what you think in the comments!
-King Boo8884, Club Penguin Agents Author

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