Club Penguin Exclusive: Rockhopper Toy

Hello penguins!

I apologize for not posting lately. Sadly I am losing interest in blogging and Club Penguin and rarely have time to post anymore! However, my amazing authors have updated the blog which is great. While looking through their posts, I found what might be a future item in Club Penguin! A Rockhopper toy! I mean one that your penguin actually holds. Take a look:
I do not know if this is a future Club Penguin item but it is a possibility as I found it on the Club Penguin website. What do you think? Do you think it will become a future hand item, or not?



Flames2179 said...

Im not so sure about that. I think it is just showing a penguin (someone in real life) with the coin code in their hand

Anonymous said...

Flames2179 said a comment at 8:43 pm
Well it could be a coin code but it also looks a lot like a cp toy online but who knows.

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