New Buddy List System

Hello penguins!

I must say that Club Penguin's new buddy list system sure is a fantastic update!

Adding any player:
To add any player you'd like on the island, just type in their name!
They will receive a friend request from you and if they'd like to add you, they will accept your invitation.

"Best friending" buddies:
Best friends have a golden star rather than a blue star!
If you'd like to make one of your friends a "best friend" so they appear at the top of your buddy list, just click on the blue star and the star will become gold.

Your new buddy list is ALMOST UNLIMITED! You can EVEN ADD MASCOTS if you find them on Club Penguin, however typing in their name does NOT WORK! I love these updates, do you?



Anonymous said...

Slidoo, on Twitter, you said the idea was dumb...

geckoguy said...

Hey slidoo, the copied that idea from Animal Jam! But I must admit, AJ does copy CP a lot. Oh and you remember you said you would quit CP and your blog and go back to your old AJ blog? That would be awsome but I still don't understand why you said that. Plz reply at Thx!