More Proof that Aunt Arctic is the Director

Hello penguins!

Today my friend Frosty Biite found something very interesting. Club Penguin's new chat system gives you word suggestions when you type in sentences... Take a look at this:
Penguins have always suspected Aunt Arctic of being the Director and this is just even more proof! What do you think?



Anonymous said...

I have found out that... You know, Director wears a black glass, right? And if Aunt Arctic wears the similar black glass, she will look almost the same as the Director.

I'll inform more on the comments if I have found out more secrets behind the "vault".

By Alfred9806 (or Fred)

Alfred9806 said...

By the way, on the Newspaper, look for "Ask Aunt Arctic". There will be Aunt Arctic's picture. Mouse over your cursor to her glasses.

What happens:
Her glasses will turn black!