Club Penguin Agents Halloween Events!

Hello penguins!

As some of you know, Halloween is my absolute FAVOURITE time of year! I've given the blog a completely different look just for Halloween, but the design is just the beginning.
Let's take a look at this year's Halloween With Slidoo schedule:

October 8th: Halloween Theme Released
October 15th: Halloween Candy Hunt Begins!
October 15tj: Party Details Released!
October 22nd: Slidoo's Halloween Party! Details Soon.

So, as you can see, this month is packed with fun Halloween events! Make sure to check back on Club Penguin Agents daily to make sure you haven't missed any of the events.



Anonymous said...

Thats Realy cool slidoo :D
~ chety4

Anonymous said...

To be honest, it could have been more unique. I've seen your past themes and they were really amazing. It's quite disappointing to see this theme but there's always next year.

xFlabber said...

I agree with Catdogfishy. This theme isn't as great as previous ones.

Anonymous said...

Catdogfishy said.......
I dont think he could have done better because the themed parties on clubpenguin are harder to get an original theme on and for halloween it is usually the hardest except for christmas/holidays party

Number pengu CPA defender
p.s sorry i didnt post with my google account slidoo

Anonymous said...

@Number Pengu
I guess but I've seen some really amazing Halloween themes this year and they were impressive. You don't think he could have done better? He sure can. Like I said before, his past themes were awesome. He can do better than better.

Anonymous said...

slidoo, remember Animal Jam? if u like haloween go on there soon! its so cool