New Treasure Book System Overview

Hello penguins!

One of the biggest topics on Club Penguin this week is the brand new Treasure Book system. We can all wave goodbye to series 1 through 13 of the Treasure Books as they have left to never return! Today Club Penguin introduced the new Treasure Book which I am assuming will update every now and then with new and different items.
Unlike before, ANY Club Penguin code will unlock you items from this book. Which means even if you currently have a series 1 Coin Code which you're saving, I'm sorry to tell you it will still unlock this treasure book.

Also, according to my friend Monchocho, when you purchase a penguin you not only get two items from the Treasure Book, but you also get whatever your penguin toy was wearing. Very cool!

Lots of new items! The items in this Treasure Book easily win over the old books.
You get the items your penguin toy is wearing! Very nice idea.

If you have an old series code, you can no longer unlock the old books.

Over all, I love the new Treasure Book system. Let me know your thoughts by commenting!

Stay tuned for the next Update Overview in about two weeks!



Fluffygood said...


It has been year's since i have talked to you. Still liking the club penguin business?

Hope we can run into each other sometimes,


Wowouch360 said...

So youre saying if you buy garys plush toy you get garys costume?? WOOHOO I CAN LOOK LIKE GARY!