Jessika's Video Blog - Puffle Hats and Get Connected

Hello Penguins!
As I was checking my emails today, I saw that Club Penguin's Youtube Channel has released a new video! This video Jessika discusses Puffle Hats, gives a sneak peek of the new Get Connected coming to Disney Channel, and Nyan Puffle Part 2! Jessika did stared in the last Get Connected video on Disney Channel, she will again start in this next Get Connected video this month!

As she announced that the part 2 of Nyan Puffle will have the pufflw with headphones! I also voted for that one in the comments! The next Get Connected video will be the third Club Penguin themed one, first one was EPF Agents, second was about puffles/puffle hats, and the third one I think will be about this month's Annual Halloween Party! What do you think the next Get Connected video will be about? Leave a comment below!
-King Boo8884 Club Penguin Agents Author

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