Club Penguin Halloween Party 2011 Commercial

Just recently, the Club Penguin YouTube Channel has released a new video about the Halloween Party! This includes a few sneak peeks of rooms in this years 6th Annual Halloween Party! This video is a Commercial seen on TV seen in channels Nickelodeon or Disney several times a day. The promo basically shows an advertisement to go on Club Penguin to see the new Halloween Party on October 20,2011  It will also show us a sneak peek of the new Halloween designed homepage...

Here are some sneak peeks on places throughout the island during the Halloween Party 2011.
I think Town is very neat and colorful this year at the Halloween Party! It's way more detailed and Halloween themed from other years.
I honestly think that the snow forts looks better than any other year I've see n the snow forts at the Halloween parties. Now you can trick-or-treat in 3 different houses at 1 place!
Halloween Themed Homepage:
The homepage looks neat! Nice details and a cool scary Halloween wolf I can see in the way back of it.

I think the new Commercial is cool, because it shows you the spookiness of the Halloween Party. The reason I like town the best so far, is the nice spooky Halloween design feel if it. Nor did any other Halloween party I've seen have the rich Halloween feel to it. What's your favorite part of the Commercial promo? Leave a nice comment below of your thought!
-King Boo8884 Club Penguin Agents Author

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Anonymous said...

have you realised sled outfit in snow forts?