Halloween 2011: Dark Chamber

Part of this year's Halloween Party, is the returning Dark Chamber! In fact, the Dark Chamber is so identical to last year, why re-write the identical post?

Club Penguin Halloween Party 2010/2011 DARK CHAMBER CHEATS:

Members, head over to the Forest to go into the Dark Chamber!
For the first part, different coloured water will squirt out of the holes in a certain pattern!  Then, you have to click on the piano keys in the SAME order as it showed you!  Do this several times, and you'll win!  Then the door will open and you can move on! 

Ok, now go through the door! 
Wow, it's dark in there! Pick up one of those FREE lanterns and then you'll be able to make some LIGHT!

Now hold the lantern in your HAND and move your way through the maze!  Then, if you do it right, you'll see a door!  If you'd like to cheat your way through, put on your night vision goggles from the PSA!
Congratulations, you have successfully completed the Dark Chamber! You will be taken to a room where you can get the free Swamp Monster costume - a NEW costume for 2011!
Congratulations, you've now collected the Swamp Monster! I really like this costume, do you?

I'm a bit disappointed to see that I could literally copy my post from last year because it's the exact same, but that's okay. What are your thoughts?


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Anonymous said...

In fact, you can use your Night Vision Goggles to see the path you are going. If you use it, your screen will turn green and you can see the whole pathways!

~Alfred9806 (Moderator on this site *Maybe?*)