Recycling Centre, Garden, and Earth Day Party News!

Club Penguin has confirmed that they are having an Earth Day party on April 22!  They will be building a huge garden outside of the mine, and even a recycling centre NEW ROOM!  This is in the newspaper, where it talks about the many plans for the party and recycling thingy.

That;s what the big hose in the clothing catalogue is for!  They say we will need to get our green hard hats on and head over to the mine shack and help build the garden!  Meanwhile, Gary has been busy on building the Recycling Centre coming very soon! 

It sounds like the garden will only be here while the party is, but the recycling centre will be a whole new room and will stay forever!  A lot of new rooms all of a sudden!!

I wonder what's in store for us in the party and with the Recycling Centre!  Also, a new furniture catalogue is coming out later today or tomorrow... EXCLUSIVE sneak peek click here!

-Slidoo, CP Cheat World Owner


Policeman655 said...

LOL! There is a pizza tree in one of the pictures

8zankoo8 said...

Dont make the banner yet im still searching for the ghost pic its
Please crop the ghost out of the picture thx!
I will post the alien on later today.

8zankoo8 said...

Ok you can make it now heres the URL for the alien!