The Earth Day Party is HERE! New Pin!

Like we suspected, the Earth Day party is here EARLY!  The Mine Shack looks VERY NICE!  Yes, there is a free item!  However we were wrong, the hat sneak peek I showed you IS a free item, NOT the watering can! 

Also, there is a SCAVENGER HUNT!!  it has been a while since we have had one of these!  You will notice that when you try and go into the recycling plant, you get this notice:

Click on this to get started with the hunt:

It is located in the top right hand corner of your screen!  When you click it, the hunt begins!

The FIRST item is at the Coffee Shop!

Click on it to pick it up and collect it!  The SECOND item is at the Pet Shop!

Click on it to pick it up! The THIRD item is at the Cove!

Click on the barrel to collect it!  The FOURTH item is at the Dojo Courtyard!

Click on it to collect it and help the Earth! The FIFTH item is at the Book Room above the Coffee Shop!

Click on the bag of beans to add it to your trash collection!  The SIXTH item is at the Forest!

Click on the newspaper to collect it!  The SEVENTH item is at the Ski Village!

Click on it to collect it and help out the Earth! :)  The FINAL item is at the Mine Shack!

Click on it to collect it and FINISH the scavenger hunt!  Now, click "Claim Prize"

The PRIZE is a super cool recycling pin!  Yipee!

Click "Yes" to get the pin!  Now, you can go into the Recycling Centre!  It is NOT a member only room!  Inside, it is REALLY cool, and the three sneak peeks I showed you were correct and are part of the NEW ROOM!
Throw snowballs which are ACTUALLY TRASH into the recycling thingy to turn the JUNK into NEW THINGS! -->SOME PEOPLE WERE SAYING THAT IF EVERYONE STOPS THROWING STUFFS IN THE RECYCLING BIN, YOU GET A PRIZE! THIS IS NOT TRUE! DON'T LISTEN, IT IS JUST A MYTH!<--  Also, if you dance with the FREE HAT and nothing else outside of the Mine Shack in the garden, you can make PLANTS grow!  Yes, as I said in a prvious post there ARE PIZZA PLANTS!

Also, to make the sprinklers make MORE water go into the garden to make the plants grow FASTER, throw snowballs into the big green tube!

Help make club Penguin GREEN and save the Earth!  Remember, this AWESOME stuffs is STAYING FOREVER!  Also, there has been a path from the Forest to the Mine Shack!

Cool!  Here is the Recycling Centre in action without any penguins!

There is a new pin!  Go to the Mountain to find the Leaf pin!
Walk over to it to pick it up and get it into your inventory!

I am very happy with the new stuffs!  FINALLY, Club Penguin updated their mail... you no longer TRASH old post cards, you RECYCLE them!

What do you think about the updates?  Comment telling me!

-Slidoo, CP Cheat World Owner


slippeestars said...

i was rite about a scaveger hunt!!!!

slippeestars said...

my finnnal answer is racket for the contest becuse i found the hidden clue and hes the color

☺§lídôô☻ said...

Slippeestars it isn't Racket he isn't even a suspect!! it is ONE of those 6 in the picture of suspects...

slippeestars said...

oops i ment rocker lol

Bobhead202, CPS Pres. said...

Lol your membership expired!!