Club Penguin Go Green Reviewed By You! Newsletter!

Hey guys!  I haven't ever posted about a reviewed by you, but I think I should start doing it!  A little while ago, Club Penguin asked us what we were doing around the island with the new green items like the hard hat and more!  Here's what Surf3r told them:

Me and my buddies always check out anything new on the island! We love to explore new rooms and play new games! We think the new outfits rock and we always wear them, especially the Green Hard Hat and the green suit with the water hose! It's so much fun, I never ever want it to end! Waddle on Club Penguin!

Great job Surf3r!! 

In other news, I am starting a Slidoo Newsletter!  I have thought of this for a little while, but never done it or said anything about it.  Now Lemon2608 has started her own and I asked her if it was still ok for me to do it, and she said yes!  The newsletter will contain new offers from this site, along with some neat info of stuff in Club Penguin I haven't even posted about!  Every month there will be a new letter!  If you want to sign up leave a comment here with your email address and penguin name!  The comment WON'T be published, so your email will stay private with me and you!  ALSO, when you subscribe to the newsletter, you will get 10 iSlidoo points!  There also MAY be special news giveaways like coin codes once in a while in the newsletter, so don't miss out on it!

-Slidoo, CP Cheat World Owner


csquadqb17 said...

Slid, since you cant email aol emails what addreesses can u email i will make one from a site you can.

slippeestars said...

cool mabey i should do one two

☺Slidoo☻ said...

Csquadqb17: I can get emails from MSN hotmail which is what I use ( and Gmail.

Policeman655 said...
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csquadqb17 said...

ok thanx slid

Header order plz:
Penguin Name: Csquadqb17
Blog title: Csquadqb17's CP Central
I want the fonts to be:

I want the word [Csquadqb17's] to be in a graffiti style like they're in spray paint.

I want [Club Penguin Cheats] to be in letters that look like they're steel and r "bolted" to the background

Picture: My penguin card penguin i want the whole penguin and it should be on the left side plz

background: a brick wall

srry for such a long comment!

csquadqb17 said...

oh slid bout my header: to get my penguin card just click older posts on my blog it should be there!

Piper (Lemon2608) said...

i'll sign up, you know my email:)

coolman12743 said...

Your sister copied your "iSlidoo" idea an some text.

hoot333 said...

Hey Slidoo! I have finally had chocolate mousse!

8zankoo8 said...

Ok here is my info:
2.8zankoo8's Awsome cp cheats
5.8zankoo8's awsome club penguin cheats in the club penguin font if you can.
6.I do not want it to be a girly backround like flowers or something.
7.I want it to be a header
8.I dont really get that so im just gonna say the size of your header
9.Could i have my header striped
Yellow & orange
10.I do not want it animated

Hope all thats the info thanks again!

Policeman655 said...

Slidoo! someone posted a comment on toys site saying who Old CPG mod is!!!

~*Birdy*~ said...

Slidoo, can I please (well, not copy) but "copy" your thingy? The interview thingy? I want to start one... is that okay?


P.S. Did you read my comment on Lemon's site and that I have a newsletter too for our site? It's gonna be awesome! And I'd like to sign up! Just 2 emails:


Racket2000- Cpg Mimo Mod said...

What is greater than God, more evil than the devil, the poor have it, the rich need it, and if you eat it, you'll die?"

Racket2000- Cpg Mimo Mod said...

What is greater than God, more evil than the devil, the poor have it, the rich need it, and if you eat it, you'll die?"

Dont Pollute said...

Can you sign me up? PS anyone who wants to go green should visit my site! It is under construction right now but it has challenges and stuff
PPS: Take 10 iSlidoo points off me if you would like for me "advertising".

Zachzach7812 said...

Name: Zachzach7812
Font: gold bubble writing

Magno20 said...

i am back did u miss me.

Magno20 said...

i am back did u miss me.

8zankoo8 said...

I hope i do not bother you slidoo but can you please make me a CP Mysteries banner here's my info:

1.No site address
3.I want a black backround
4.Can it be a portrait rectangle
5.Can it have a club penguin ghost head and a club pengui alien head
6.Can it say Im in the CPM
And at the bottom of the banner can it have the Web address.

Why dont you join slidoo?at
Waddle on!