Adventure Party Coming Back?

Hey guys!  Last July or August Club Penguin had the first ever Adventure Party, and it was awesome!  I think it may be coming back!!  I've got two clues.  The first is back to that weird desk.  This desk has been seen in the adventure party, in a mission sneak peek, and inside the caves!  However, looking back to the mission sneak peek it DOESN'T look the same as the other two!  Here is the desk from the Adventure party:

Now, here is the same desk in the caves:

So there is our first hint!  The desk from the party is in Club Penguin!  That ALSO means that SOMEONE has been in these caves BEFORE we discovered them because there is an submarine type thingy there from Aqua Grabber, and this desk!  Could that person be Herbert?  Anyway, here is the second clue.  In the party, Rockhopper brought plants thast grew over time in our igloos!  Well, in the newspaper this week where it talks about recycling, one of those plants is in a picture!!  Check it out:

I circled it in  yellow.  So, is this awesome party coming back?  I think so!  Tell me what you think!  Also, there is a new iSlidoo rewards catalogue out on the iSlidoo page and there is one hidden item somewhere in the text!  Can you find it?

-Slidoo, CP Cheat World Owner


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Lopakoy said...

i found it!

slippeestars said...

cool i hope it comes back that party was so cool but um were did the plants go they were in the box demntion but now there gone did hergert steel them?

slippeestars said...

i made a blog!

slippeestars said...

can i order a header