Herbert's Revenge Sneak Peeks! *UPDATED*

So last week, Billybob released a sneak peek of Herbert's Revenge.  Now, he has added to that picture!

Also, he released ANOTHER one!!  Here it is:

It looks like Herbert is up to something REALLY suspicious in this game coming out soon for the Nintendo DS!  Also, remember a while ago when Billybob sent a few bloggers some exclusive sneak peeks?  They ALL thought they were for mission 11... but they are all WRONG!!  I have put together some pieces of the puzzle. 

Click on it to see it full sized!

In the picture, we have Lux1200's sneak peek, Monkeydude's sneak peek, Lebronjr23's sneak peek and The Club Penguin blog's sneak peek!  I will continue to add to this picture when I find more puzzle pieces!  Also, today I talked to someone who claims to be Billybob on my chat!  I don't know if it is him for sure, but maybe, if it really was him, he might send a sneak peek of something to us in the future because he knows about this site!  What do you think of all this?

Billybob's second sneak peek goes with some other bloggers sneak peeks to, and again I have combined them!

Click on it to see it full sized!

In that picture, we have Asulio's sneak peek, Pin Wii's sneak peek, Ruben700's  sneak peek, and Billybob's sneak peek!!  I will continue to add to this picture too!  Billybob says BOTH pictures are DIFFERENT rooms of the cave!!  No wonder there are so many doors!!

I LOVE this mystery!!

-Slidoo, CP Cheat World Owner


slippeestars said...

isthat realy billybob

csquadqb17 said...

Slidoo, I need a blog header that is the EXACT same thing as my current one except for my new penguin which you can find on my blog right now! Thanx,

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Check your site, Csquadqb17