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For the contest... I have to announce the winners NOW.  If you have no clue what I'm talking about at all, click here.  The criminal who murdered Joe Schwartz is...


You are probably going, How in the world was I supposed to know it was Rocker4!??

As I said, there were HIDDEN CLUES all around this site, 6 in total!  First, you were probably assuming it was Lemon2608, but you THEN saw this clue:

The clue says that the criminal is NOT A GIRL... which eliminates Lemon2608 and Polkadotblu9.  From now on in this post this clue is called "Clue #1"

The NEXT clue was this:

Click to enlarge.  Here it was an AQUA penguin talking, and Rocker4 is aqua!  He was OBVIOUSLY trying to accuse Polkadotblu9 and Policeman655 of doing the crime so he would not be caught... SORRY ROCKER, MANY PENGUINS WILL GO AFTER YOU!  This is called "Clue #2"

The next clue is this:

Click to enlarge.  Here we find out one of the BIGGEST hints... Joe's best friend said that Joe ALWAYS wore the Colour lime green.  Then you look back at this, which is the contest poster:

At the beginning I said that the penguin on the ground was Joe, and the penguin on the ground is NOT lime green but black!! (the clue above is called Clue #3)  Then you see this clue:

Click to enlarge.  Notice how when the detective spilled his coffee, the paper burnt and turned BLACK??  Well ROCKER4 was in the cofee shop at the time of the murder, and the murder accured in the coffee shop!  We learned that Rocker4 didn't like hot and spit out his coffee... but he DIDN'T say he spit it out ON JOE!!  But that is what happened!  This clue is called "Clue #4"

Here is the next clue:

Click to enlarge.  Now go back to Clue #1... notice the signature of the criminal.  The signature is THE SAME as Rocker4's!  This is called "Clue #5"

The FINAL clue is here:

Click to enlarge.  In THIS clue we learn that The criminal hates hot, which Rocker4 does!! 

There were ALSO a few little hints in the post.  For example, Rocker4 was chased out of the coffee shop by the worker.  Just think... why would they chase rocker4 out just cause his coffee was too hot?  They did it because he KILLED JOE!!  The final hint was when Rocker4 called the coffee shop worker a He, when Lemon2608 was the coffee shop worker and is a SHE! 

Only a few clever penguins put ALL THIS together, here is the list of who everyone thought murdered Joe:

So, the SIX people who will at a later date battle to CATCH Rocker4 on Club Penguin to win the prize are:
Queen Binawa!

Congratulations guys, more info coming soon!  Great job to everyone who tried!

-Slidoo, CP Cheat World Owner



Swimping2007 said...

Aw man.I choose the wrong person.

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Luis2414 aka fred said...

comment at bobhead202 to contact me and my penguin name is Luis214 NOT fred

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commet there now ok slidoo

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i would like i slidoo points

Swimping2007 said...

Slidoo can you make me a header. My websites name is Everything About Clubpenguin and here is the URL I want the colors to be red and green. My penguin name is swimpeng2007. I want this picture to be in it .I want it to say Swimpengs CP World. I do not want it to be animated and I do not want the dimensions in pixels.

slippeestars said...

im ganna win card jitsue code!

slippeestars said...

ya and comment at to tell me were to meet in cp

Lemon2608 said...

he was my second guess! i said it was either me or him! oh well. i only had enough time to find 2 of the clues anywayz

Fluffygood said...


I would like to have a meeting with "slidoo" on club penguin today at
3:00 PST time if possible on the server Fjord at the dock.

Thank you for the time


☺§lídôô☻ said...

Uhh just come to my chat now

Shawn Lily said...

Hi Slidoo! Do you still go to my blog? I did something really nice for you... Go check it out if you haven't already!

P.S. You should know the link.

Waltle said...

How did you make the background look like that? The stripes. I love it.Could you e-mail me your answer? My e-mail is

Thanks Waltle-

Hi466 said...

check out my cool new awesome template and avatar! (profile pic) it looks so cool!!!!

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size 930 x 225
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Tooters Polluters/SecUer Manure said...

oh and we want a pic of a puffle opr 2

Tooters Polluters/SecUer Manure said...

oh and we want a pic of a puffle opr 2

csquadqb17 said...

slidoo! i said rocker the first post! no fair!

csquadqb17 said...

or maybe it was the post after but I KNOW FOR A FACT that i said my answer was rocker!

☺§lídôô☻ said...

Sorry! I added you to the list, you are right I think you did say that.

csquadqb17 said...

okay slidoo its just that ive entered contests similar to yours where there is a correct answer and whatnot and the same thing happened lol srry i got so mad but thats why

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