Club Penguin Earth Day Party and Updates!

Club Penguin says many of us peoples have been asking for an Earth Day party on April 22, so they are doing one!  They say there will be many ways to Help out the Earth!

Cool!  It looks like the mine is going to have some pretty neat stuffs!  Speaking of the mine... Gary says that the Mine will soon have a recycling centre!  Cool huh?  He says he will design some new gadgets to turn OLD things into NEW things! 

He says we will need to help him out a lot... could that be a sign of the new mission?  Probably not, hopefully the recycling thingy will be here shortly!  The new igloo furniture catalog comes out soon, and there is going to be a lot of stuffs for the Earth in the new catalog!

Tell me what you think of all this!  I love hearing comments from you!  (and your friend Jimmy, or whatever their name is!)

-Slidoo, CP Cheat World Owner


csquadqb17 said...

Hey slidoo i posted the thing with your pictures if u wanna check it out to see if you agree with wat i put as a link

Queen Binawa said...

Hey Slidoo I put a pic on my site for your fan art page.

Toysgoneby said...

Can I have a header?
Colors: Green and Yellow (both on the darker side.)

(pic of baseball)

Animated: NO!

Pics.. pic of baseball where it shows above...

Any other requests: Keep it simple!


Jediluke8 said...

I just got penguin storm and its awesome.

Bobhead202, CPS Pres. said...

No! Don't cheat with Penguin Storm!

Bobhead202, CPS Pres. said...

Hey Slidoo, I put your banner up on my site!

Bobhead202, CPS Pres. said...

I need a header!

Website: Bobead202's Club penguin swarm

I want it to say "Bobhead202's Club Penguin Swarm"
then in a small caption, "Club Penguin cheats, glitches, secrets, and tips by Bobhead202". Can you put it in the cool techy writing like fluffygood's banner.

I do not want.... I don't know...

I want a header with the dimesions width 892 and height 287.

I want colors that blend in with my site background, like mainly purple, a little magents, blue, and red.

I do not want it animated.

Bobhead202, CPS Pres. said...

Slidoo, I have officially started the Boblympics! Do you want to join? It'll really cool! And all contestants get to be my buddy, if they want.

Saraapril said...

I can Hardly wait for This Earth Day Party it will be AWESOME :)