Furniture, Igloo Upgrades Catalogue Cheats! Mine Construction!

The mine construction has begun!  Yay!!

Head over there with your green hard hats and start planting trees!  Use the rakes to make flowers!  Also, check out this green startup screen!

With all this happening, I think I should show you a sneak peek of a future item, or one we will be able to get at the party!

You can take that picture but you MUST leave the water markings ON, mention my name, and LINK to THIS SITE in the post or wherever you use this picture.

Now, to the better igloos catalogue!  Here are the cheats:

Here are the hidden items:
Click the top of the curtain for the RECYCLING BIN!
Click the middle shelf for the GREEN DECK CHAIR!

Click the lamp shade for the GREEN BOOKCASE!

Click the top of the green vase for the HD TV!
Click the top of the tree stump for the CLOVER BALLOON!

Click the rock in the wishing well for the CLOVER GARLAND!

And finally, click the mail box opening for the BLUE LAMP!

Also, there is a new igloo upgrades catalogue!  Here is the cover:

Here are all of the hidden item cheats:

Click any of the four flowers in the green clover igloo for the BAMBOO HUT!!  Yay!!  One of my favourite igloos brought back!

Click the broken floorboards for the SECRET STONE IGLOO!

Finally, click the door of the snow igloo for the SECRET DELUXE STONE IGLOO!

What do you think about all this awesome stuff?  I can't wait for the Earth Day party and recycling centre!!  Can you?

-Slidoo, CP Cheat World Owner

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8zankoo8 said...

Here is the pic cut out the head So its the Head only
And dont worry i got permission to use this pic coz this pic is my couzens pic.