Club Penguin Helping The Environment Reviewed By You!

A little while ago Club Penguin asked us what we were doing to help the environment, and here's what Jedi 2007 told them:

I'm like an energy-saving machine, especially on Earth Day. I'm the leader of a club my freinds and I made up. We made up a plan to ask our teachers to unplug the electric pencil sharpener, and write a note on the board about Earth Day reminding students to recycle. We even convinced the lunch workers to add two recycling bins for milk cartons and stryofoam trays.We even donate money to buy trees.

Wow!  Great job Jedi 2007!! 

Now Club Penguin wants to know what would be cool to grow in the garden by the Mine Shack coming soon!  A few of you noticed that on my GO GREEN header, there is a PIZZA PLANT!  It is actually growing slices of PIZZA on it!!  I think this is going to be a WILD party, and can't wait!  Also, some of you may have heard that Lemon2608 bought some iSlidoo points yesterday with a coin code... and it just so happened that it was series 8 and I was the FIRST to EVER use a series 8 code, and instead of picking 2 items I got to pick 4!!  Yes, I DID pick the GIGANTIC CRAB!!  We had a crab party, and while some of you were there we decided to have a themed party every Monday!  Every Monday, 30 minutes BEFORE the party I will post what the theme is, where it is, and pictures from the previous weekly party!  I hope you can make it to the next one! 

-Slidoo, CP Cheat World Owner

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slippeestars said...

i was there and i hope im the 2 peson to get sereis 8 should of saved my coin code i got last week
for sereis 8