Training-Ops #1 Cheats

Training ops? Huh? Yes, that's right! Field-Ops are done right now, since Herbert was defeated, but Gary and the Director are now giving us Training-Ops! To begin, go to the EPF Command Room and click the Field-Ops screen.
Now, this message from Gary will pop up:
Hmm... I wonder where we need to go? Oh, I know! It's in the power box, in the Secret Caves.
Once you're there, you will notice that your phone will start ringing. Click on it...
Today we must destroy the circuits! In order to do this, you have to roll over the red circles to see what symbol it has. Click on it, and then find the matching circle, and click on it, too. You must do this until all the circles are gone, and then, you'll win a medal and you'll get to see this message from... who? It keeps changing... The message I got, which is different from what others got, is this:

Excellent work agent - You cracked the enemy signal just in time!

The message you decoded said: "Klutzy! We strike the Lighthouse on Thursday. Bring the drill!"

This gives us time to prepare our defenses. Be on alert for our counter-attack.



Wwerocks88 said...

I smell Blackout...

number pengu said...


Catdogfishy said...

Like I said, Light House, light bulb power box.

Club Penguin White Board=Black Out.

Broken Light Bulb/Turned Off Light House=Black Out

Anonymous said...

Greetings agents. Alfred9806 is here. According to my Club Penguin research, I have learned that The Lighthouse is the main power source on Club Penguin. The Lighthouse gives our island light too. If the light bulb is switched off, our island can still have light. If the light bulb is broken, it means... The whole island would be dark. The Lighthouse looks like an empty storeroom, but actually, the WHOLE Lighthouse gives the island power. So, it means... NINJAS! They can help! Fire ninjas can use the fire as light. The shadow ninjas can sneak behind Herbert, and while the non-ninjas use the torchlight or mining hat(mining hat has a small torch on it). So, it is reasonable that ninjas and Sensei can help the EPF. I have also learned that the EPF Command Room will be dark. Hey! I remembered something! Elite Puffles release fire, right? So the blue fire can be used to make light! It would be possible for us to deal on Black Puffles and Elite Puffles! Black puffles help because they release fire.