New Ninja Merchandise!

Hey penguins!

Club Penguin has JUST released the NEW Ninja merchandise! This stuff is for member ninjas ONLY and can be found in a catalog, located inside the ninja dojo. Let's look at the new stuff...
Hmmm... Some pretty strange stuff there.. But it is very ninja-ish! Also on this page, you can find 2 more hidden items:
Click on the leaves that I circled in the image above for the Thunder Gi and the Bolt hair style!
Let's look at more new things...
Once again, some very mysterious clothing items on this page! Just like on the previous page, there are 2 secret hidden items.
Click on the leaves circled for the Tea Cinder and Tea Ceremony Robe!
There is one more page, with only one item on it...
This golden sun suit is really unique and cool!

These items seem really neat... Too bad you can't actually buy them yet! When you try, it calls these items "undefined" and then does not let you purchase them. Hopefully this will be fixed soon!


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funnyface112 said...

hey slidoo the crimson sun suit is on the last page hidden in one of the corners