Club Penguin's Domain Expires

As if we weren't already tired enough of Club Penguin's glitches and problems, this happened.

Today, the domain expired. What does that mean? Hmm... Maybe that their entire website is down and anybody could soon buy a website with the address, In the end... This could be a big problem.

BUT OH DON'T WORRY! Club Penguin is WORKING HARD like ALWAYS to ensure that the game and website is back up! Of course... first we'll have to clear our cache, right? ;-]
Yeah, I am getting pretty tired of looking at the smirking clown.... But once again DON'T WORRY! Just clear your cache and everything will be okay, right?

Uh... no. Club Penguin needs to start giving real advice and realize that it's THEIR problem, not OURS. Right? So... Today, I went evil, and this is the... "friendly"... letter that Club Penguin received:

Hello Club Penguin,

I am very disappointed with Club Penguin lately. I, along with 95% of other penguins cannot visit the Club Penguin website. 

You have had so many bugs and glitches lately, and many members of the support group are not helpful and continue to tell us that it is a problem on OUR side, when we know it is not. Some penguins have been given false answers by many support members, and the glitches get worse and worse. It is happening too often and I am starting to not find the game enjoyable because of these glitches and the poor support services we are offered. I have a website and Cadence and Penguin Band tracker which many penguins would like to use, but sadly we cannot work together and have the fun of tracking because of your glitches. I know you were not expecting this domain or host problem to occur, and if this was the only problem in a while, I would not be so concerned. But problems such as technical glitches on the blog, OR the game, happen every week and we are getting frustrated.

Before releasing a feature or game or party, can you please test it out to make sure EVERYTHING works? 

Whenever we penguins email the Club Penguin support team, we usually receive an unsatisfying answer, sometimes that is just plain effortless, other times that is false. When you call Club Penguin support, the care you get is even worse. If you call to report a glitch, the person often just giggles and tells you it's no big deal. The support team seems to think that we do not know anything about technical problems in Club Penguin and on websites, and give us careless answers. This makes us even more upset because we know that the representatives from Club Penguin are taking advantage of the fact that they are likely dealing with kids.

I know you are working hard to make the game more enjoyable, and I applaud you for that, but many of these problems are making it less enjoyable. However, when the features work, the game is great! Unfortunately, the features hardly ever work when they are first released. And now, this domain problem is really upsetting me, along with my friends.

About 5-10% of the penguins that I know can currently log in to Club Penguin. The rest get a strange other site with links that I would not like to click.

I am now missing out on chances to meet the Penguin Band, and enjoy the Music Jam 2011. I suggest extending this party for however many days the website is down for, so we do not lose out on anything. 

If there is any way to bring what I have mentioned up in one of the meetings you have, that would be great. It would be very nice if the support team started seeming like they actually cared, or knew what they were talking about... (I'm not saying all the support members are like that, but several of them that I have dealt with are.)

I really hope that the website and glitches are fixed soon... And sorry if I sounded kind of harsh in this message...


Club Penguin, it's true. And we all know it! So, please, hurry up and fix this domain problem... And PLEASE, don't EVER tell us to clear our caches again...!

Update: I got a reply... 2, actually... and I think you can guess what they said.



Anonymous said...

suddely clear your cache please

Anonymous said...

Slidoo, they're probably gonna tell you the same careless answer as always. Club Penguin, you fail!

Anonymous said...

OH YEAH! And don't forget to post about the 1 extra week of membership Club Penguin is offering! :)

Lemon2608 (Daddy's Gal) said...

I've been waiting all year for my FAVORITE party- I'll give CP a peice of my mind if they let the party- and the rest of club penguin- slip away. I mean, come on. They went into the MILLIONS to buy Club Penguin. Make it last!!!

Anonymous said...

I bet they said... Thanks for taking the time to write to us. Please clear your cache and try again. Also, is there anyway i can copy that? I wanna email them that too but sadly i cant

Anonymous said...

Hi Slidoo, Alfred9806 here. Mine does not show a smirking clown, but mine shows up a man playing golf... I hate it. But somehow, please fix this problem, because I am irritated looking at the man playing golf!
Anyways...*sniff*...WADDLE ON...*sniff sniff*.

Anonymous said...

I am guessing CLEAR YOUR CACHE

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Guys, stop saying "Clear your cache", because it does not help. Club Penguin should be cleaning THEIR caches!