Hello penguins!

Lately, tracking here at Club Penguin Agents has become more and more successful, so we want to make it even better for you! During the Music Jam 2011, the Penguin Band and possibly DJ Cadence will be making guest appearances, and we're ready to track...

The Club Penguin Agents mascot trackers are always one of the most successful, so it's a very wise choice to track with us! Remember, if you find a mascot with us and you tell others, make sure to spread the word that you found it from us! It helps out a lot, thanks!

Here is the chat... Please remember to be a great friend and be helpful! Don't lie about locations, and don't say bad things... Note: Locations will be posted at the bottom of the chat (scrolling text)

DJ Cadence is Club Penguin's best dancer and most popular DJ! She is currently waddling around for the first half of the Music Jam 2011.

-Cadence visits the Town, Nightclub, Nightclub Lounge, Nightclub Rooftop, Ski Village, and the Casa Fiesta.
-Cadence often visits other language servers early in the morning, and then English servers throughout the day. She can be spotted on other language servers, especially Spanish servers throughout the day, as well, but not as much as on English servers.
-Cadence is very popular and the room is usually full when you meet her. If it is your first time meeting Cadence, you will see the Cadence stamp sign appear as soon as you're in the same room as her. She will probably have a very big crowd around her.
-She usually visits popular servers such as Mammoth, Yeti, and Blizzard.
The Penguin Band is currently waddling around with their new looks for the Music Jam 2011!
-There are 4 members of this band: Petey K, Franky, G Billy, and Stompin' Bob.
-The band members are never together on the island, unless they are performing at the Iceberg.
-The band visits Backstage, the Dock, the Town, the Casa Fiesta, and Nightclub, the Nightclub Lounge, and the Rooftop!



Marucha10 said...

This will be soo cool!

Anonymous said...

Hi there! Alfred9806 here, commenting(Sorry for commenting late). It is handy to give everyone tips on how to see Cadence and Penguin Band. NOTE: Please remember these rules for chatting: NO spamming, NO saying bad words, NO advertising and DO NOT tell lies about the location of the Penguin Band and Cadence.
~ Alfred9806

Anonymous said...

Hi there. And I have forgotten to remind you all one chatting rule. DO NOT cuss. And have fun tracking while chatting!