Club Penguin Times Issue #294

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June17 here! A new issue of the Club Penguin Times has been delivered in today with their 294 issue. Today topics are on the new Music Jam clothing and the highlights for the party.

The new Music Jam looks have arrived in the Gift Shop. The catalog is fulled with instruments such as guitars and stylish outfits. One singer said she loved the neon hoodie. Make sure to check out the new styles in the Gift Shop now!

The CPT had included the basic highlights for the Music Jam party coming really soon. Here are the highlights:

Picture with the Shirt: "Rock the latest Music Jam styles in the Gift Shop"

Box of instruments: "Gear up with instruments in the Lighthouse"

Igloo: "Crank up the volume with band practice in your igloo"

Campfire: "Chill out with some campfire songs at the Cove"

Now, here are the upcoming events:

Out Now: New Penguin Style

June 10: Music Jam Construction, Secrets of the Bamboo Forest, New Better Igloos
Well, that's it for this weeks newspaper. What do you think?

-June17, Club Penguin Agents Author

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