EXCLUSIVE: New Penguin Band Performing

Hello everybody!

As you probably know, Club Penguin has now changed the way that Club Penguin's amazing band, the Penguin Band, looks. As always, they will be performing at the Iceberg during this year's Music Jam party! Well, since they updated their look, this will mean they will look different while performing. Want to see what they'll look like? Then take a look below:

Wow, this band looks so different from the old band! I am personally not a fan of the new look - I prefer the old, classical look. What are your thoughts?


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Syka said...

I prefer the old look, too. The new style just doesn't seem like the PB! Why doesn't CP fix all these stupid bugs that no one bothers to remove instead of adding something else that is likely to glitch? Just a thought. Btw, I found another exclusive for you! In the "Coffee Break Beats" video, you can briefly see someone wearing a t-shirt that says "Puffle Launch" on it. Please give me credit if you post this! =D