Hello penguins,

On many blogs, you may have seen some exclusives called the "Shadow Ninja Costume". I am here to tell you all that these ARE real and ARE in Club Penguin's files, BUT SADLY, ANYBODY who has posted this is breaking Club Penguin's terms!

Decompiling for Club Penguin cheats is NOT allowed, and in order to get the full sneak peek, the only possible way is to DECOMPILE. Is cheating for cheats a good idea? Let me think.. No.

You can try to argue with me about this, I don't care. I am right, and there's no denying it. I'm an experienced blogger and I know that this is strictly a rule! I am amazed that so many penguins who KNOW that it is wrong are still doing it.

However, I still want to provide you with those sneak peeks. The problem is, without decompiling, you can only see HALF of the items. But, I am allowed to show the part that is not decompiled, so I will!

Here is the helmet (the part that is NOT decomplied):


Anonymous said...

dissapointing yes it is slidoo


(cant post comments on my acount google says i need to vertifiy it when i did that like a year ago :?

Perapin said...

I AGREE SLIDOO! The ones who have the full pictures are probably cheating!

Lemon2608 (Daddy's Gal) said...

glitch alert: no names of penguins, bottom thingy, mail, news, speech, spy phone, map, or any of that!!!