Music Jam 2011 Full Cheats Guide

Hello everybody!

Today, the Music Jam 2011 was released. It's full of fun, and GREAT music! At the Iceberg and the Snowforts, you can purchase some cool T-Shirts, and an All Access Pass... If you're a member, of course. However, make sure you go to BOTH booths, because they both have different merchandise! The only problem is... When you click on the booth, nothing happens.
However, if you log onto another language server, the booths WILL work!

 At the Cove, which is identical to last year, you can get a free hat!
Let's take a closer look at this hat...
Wow, this is a really cool fee hat! But... what's with the special dance?
That's pretty interesting, and funny to watch! The best part of the party, though, as always, is the Nightclub, Dance Lounge, and the Nightclub Rooftop... Although the Nightclub is nothing new, since the Dance Lounge was renovated, it is different!
And, to my surprise, the Rooftop (member's only - you must pick up the All Access Pass to get in!) is COMPLETELY different! And, there's a FREE Boombox there, too!
Awesome! Also, my favourite, the Casa Fiesta is BACK! To access it, you need to go to the Ski Village...
It's the same as it was last year, but for once, I'm happy about this... I absolutely love the fiesta!
However, one thing did change... You cannot access the Backstage from the Case Fiesta! Maybe Club Penguin realized my secret tunnels theory and noticed it made NO sense...

In order to get backstage, you must be a member with the All Access Pass. Then, head over to the Dock...
And then simply walk through the door!
Whoa - In this room, you can access the instruments catalog...
And, you can do a really weird special dance with this item and the free Music Jam hat on, too!

I really like this party, even though a lot of parts are the same as last year. Don't forget that DJ Cadence and the Penguin Band will be waddling around Club Penguin, and we WILL be TRACKING THEM!


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Anonymous said...

Hi Slidoo, Alfred9806 is here... Hooray! Club Penguin Agents is going to track Penguin Band and Cadence! And some of the penguins came up telling me that when you use the Music Swirl Tee and the free hat, you will do a "robot" dancing. I would say that it is kind of cool.
Okay, see you again. Bye!!